Imagination and the Art of Becoming

“Where do you see yourself in ten years?”

You may have been asked this question at various times over the course of your career. And you may have answered something like, “In a management position,” or “Buying a house,” or “Retired.” Whatever you may have answered, this question represents an important aspect of success, of the art of becoming: imagination.

Spending some serious time meditating on and ruminating over this question can help you begin to more sharply visualize your future. By developing a clear image of where you would like to, what you would like to do, and who you would like to be, you intentionally posture yourself towards success.

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Lacking a distinct picture of your future may cause you to flounder in your work, to spend years in stagnation, to feel discouraged about your future. A vibrant and vivid imagination not only helps to clarify goals, but also helps to orient you along your path to success. The image of your success is your reference point, your compass, your North Star when it feels like your losing sight of your goals.

The imagination may be a mental faculty you aren’t used to exercising. That’s OK! Learning to engage your imagination is a skill, and like most skills it takes some practice and dedicated attention to develop. Take some time to consider the question posed earlier. Or perhaps start on a smaller scale: “Where do you see yourself next month, next week, tomorrow?” Actively practice imagining the things you would like to accomplish over periods of time. Take some time to reflect. To be quiet. To seriously consider where you’re heading. Let your imagination be your guide.

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