About Pa Joof – A Catalyst for Change

From growing up in extreme poverty in a small village in Gambia to sharing the stage with some leading global icons, elite business leaders and Fortune 500 executives, Pa’s journey is proof people can succeed through empowerment, determination and a clear vision to overcome any challenges or barriers faced.

Pa Joof: Making A Life-Changing Decision

Pa quickly realized there was a bigger world out there with opportunities for success and unlimited possibilities. So at the age of 17, Pa made a life-changing decision to leave Gambia to pursue a better life. This was done in the full knowledge that failure was never an option. Graduating from university was pivotal in learning how to develop his own potential. Going from a ‘virtual nobody’ to becoming ‘Head of Banking’ with accountability for managing in excess of $1 billion assets, Pa honed his skills, capabilities and growing self-awareness as a catalyst to empower himself to even greater things.

Strategies for Success: Running a Marathon

Building a successful career is like running a marathon. The need to pace yourself, maintain focus and showing determination to succeed are all traits of a marathon runner. One key strategy for success was changing the game to suit his mindset, or as a game changer, his mindset changed the game to match what he already knew. Therefore, by running a race with all mental and physical power, people can achieve the impossible or a life with unlimited possibilities. Being naturally entrepreneurial, Pa subsequently grounded all the philosophies, habits and behaviors he had learnt to raise the bar. He was now overseeing sales growth for world-renowned blue-chip companies.

Mindset Change: A Catalyst for Empowerment

The story does not end there. Pa’s own person journey has all been about empowering his mind, re-directing (channeling) energy and making real changes in his life. Inner motivation was something which drove Pa towards taking actionable steps for managing self-improvement and personal development. Understanding this simple, yet life-altering concept, is the foundation or catalyst for empowerment.

Winning Your Own Race: Unlocking Potential

His inspirational style empowers everyone he meets to help people win their own personal race or marathon. This is also why Pa is one of the most sought-after international keynote speakers and elite leadership trainers in the world. Pa has won his race as an international keynote speaker, elite leadership coach to an impressive portfolio of elite business leaders, Fortune 500 executives and Global VIP / Platinum clients. Please enquire about how Pa can help unlock your potential and win your own marathon race.

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The Making it Happen Now Foundation

Pa is the founder of The Making it Happen Now Foundation (MiHN,) a social enterprise that supports inner-city communities and empowers young people to take control of their lives.

MiHN provides a platform that helps disadvantaged communities build a solid foundation for prosperity and self-sustenance. It gives meaning, hope and a sense of purpose, and arms young men and women with essential tools to navigate through life’s challenges. MiHN encourages young people to create and make the most of opportunities, and to make choices that positively impact their local community, with their own unique gifts and talents. MiHN’s projects are designed for effective, enduring change, and include undertakings such as support for schools, youth leadership programs, and partnering with organisations and causes that share similar values and visions.


MIHN brings hope and wisdom to young people struggling to find their way in life. The Foundation’s mentors provide a sense of belongingness and acceptance, through love and understanding, particularly to those most at risk of falling into the gang culture and other negative forces existing within communities. Mentors are positive role models whom young people can easily relate to, respect and want to listen to. The Foundation’s programs are often presided over by alumni who can champion the importance of being responsible, upstanding young citizens. MIHN has had a profound impact on many young lives.

The Foundation’s mentors and coaches work collectively to design and deliver a range of courses, workshops and ‘retreats’ to develop and refine core skills such as leadership, communication and literacy. The Making it Happen Now Foundation realizes that not all participants speak English as a first language. Its courses are designed to break language, age and cultural barriers to deliver accessible and sustainable positive change with deep-rooted impacts / long-term results.

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