Pa Joof is one of the world’s most influential, beloved and sought-after coaches in business, career and in life. His uncanny ability to read people and understand what makes them tick has led him to a revered position as a coach and mentor to an exclusive group of clientele who possess the potential and desire to be “Game Changers” in any domain of their lives. Individuals who have the ability to impact not only themselves, but so many others on a larger scale. Pa has coached CEO’s, Fortune 500 executives, celebrities, medical doctors, lawyers, millionaires, educators, housewives, students, business owners, philanthropists, and Hedge Fund Managers managing over $50 Billion, guiding them to peak performance and maximum potential on a personal and/or professional level. Pa also has a passion for “coaching coaches” and consultants who want to take their practice to a higher level.

Clients are selected by invitation only or by referral and are leaders in their own rights and have a strong desire to be or stay top of their game. What makes him a cut-above? Diamond experts mold rough diamonds by cutting and polishing them to unleash their brilliance and fire. As your coach, Pa helps you discover and maintain your own unique brilliance and flame that will ignite your passion. His proven track record of results makes him in demand, which is why he must limit the number of clients with whom he is able to work.

Pa lives his life based on one principle: All In or All Out. He proposed to his wife, Ancha, 12 days after meeting her and married her within 7 weeks. Ancha is a highly acclaimed Medical Doctor and they are blessed with three young boys.

Pa’s spontaneity is what makes his style so alluring. Rather than “sticking to a script,” he delivers engaging sessions that are refreshing, yet deliberate in terms of what it will take to initiate transformation. He steps out of the regimented approach and tears down the rigid templates of individual and corporate environments, not by careful orchestration, but simply be being himself, by being sincere, humble, natural and direct. He possesses an intrinsic ability to help individuals and organizations succeed beyond their expectations and start living what he calls their “Bigger Possibilities.”


This type of coaching is not only about the financial commitment but also a significant investment of time, travel, and energetic commitment. Given the opportunity to permanently enhance all areas of your personal and professional capacity and create a life of absolute freedom, it is well worth it for the right individual or organization. Pa only invites individuals or organizations who he believes possess the raw ingredients to succeed with his help. If you qualify, he and his team will discuss the full investment and payment options with you.

Minimum Coaching Agreement: 120 hours (approximately one year), and an investment of £150,000 – £1,000,000, paid prior to the initial coaching session, and is non-refundable. If you choose to quit for any reason, all compensation will go directly to the Making it Happen Now Foundation or to a charity of Pa’s choice.

Pa works with most clients from one to three years. He has worked with several clients over five years, and two for nine years. It is vitally important that there is a mutual fit so that you can fully benefit from Pa’s coaching and the unlimited support that will be provided to you by Pa and his team.

If you or your organization desire to become an effective, empowered, and successful leader and wish to expand your capacity, Pa invites you to schedule a conversation to establish if this is a mutual fit.

Please email: [email protected] to book your no-strings-attached “Game Changer” conversation with Pa.