“The secret to happiness is not getting what you want, but wanting what you get.”

Pa’s vision is one of finding abundance even in the most modest of means, of finding splendor in the smallest of things. As human beings, each and every one of us deserves the things that make us most fulfilled. Each one of us deserve a life that is aligned to a unique purpose. These entitlements have very little to do with material possessions – it’s about the right mindset, a positive outlook. To truly enjoy the fruits of hard-earned wealth, there must be the right mindset to receive wealth. And that only happens when we’re ready to give.

There are people all over the world barely making ends meet who are living happier, more fulfilled lives than the most successful executives, entrepreneurs and professionals. All material wealth can do is fill lives with empty possessions and cosmetic happiness. True abundance, on the other hand, is infinitely more profound – like having the time to enjoy life’s small pleasures without having to constantly stress about money, or filling our life with people who make us feel good about ourselves.

No matter how bleak an outlook, how challenging a problem, there is always something of value – either a learning opportunity to grow as a human being, or a hidden blessing that need only be uncovered. These simple yet life-shaping insights are at the heart of Pa’s teachings – abundance in joy, peace, wisdom and freedom.

We all need a helping hand sometimes. When you give, you increase your capacity to receive. These are the core philosophies that Pa has built his ‘empire of inspiration’ on. He is aligned with and supports the noble efforts of various charitable organisations’ Pa is the founder of the Making it Happen Now! foundation  an organisation that supports disadvantaged communities by empowering their young people.