Keynote Speaking

. Hosted in over 300 cities, in 25 different countries 

. Presented nearly 3,000 talks 

. Impacted the lives of over 200,000 attendees

And if you still need convincing…

Pa teams’ decades of experience with positivity; his keynotes are guaranteed to amplify the energy, in any room, in any part of the world.

Whether it’s a 90-minute power talk or a full days’ worth of engagement, Pa’s unique and heart-warming story captivates the attention of every audience. And with a ‘signature style’ that is packed with oomph and charisma, you can bet that his delivery will appeal to everybody in the room.

But Pa’s keynotes go beyond surface-level entertainment, his talks are full of value and demonstrate how he has worked with some of the most respected business leaders, in the world. This includes presidents, renowned celebrities, and global icons (all of whom he’s shared a stage with); Pa has also personally coached Fortune 500 executives and speakers who are now branded as ‘world-class’.

Real-life businesses across 9 different countries have managed to transform into multimillion dollar enterprises, via the mentorship and guidance of Pa. If you’re ready for him to propel your business towards incredible growth and success, book him on for a keynote speech, now.

Pa has shared stages with presidents, celebrities and global icons, and coached Fortune 500 executives and world-class speakers.