Corporate Training

A multitalented and charismatic speaker, Pa’s knowledge and intrinsic understanding of business strategy and psychological drivers form a robust framework for empowering individuals with the tools and the will to succeed. His business savvy help people achieve and sustain success and his first-hand experience in overcoming hardship provide unique insights on how to design a life of uninhibited possibilities.

Pa’s style is just as suitable for personal growth programs as for corporate training. In an era characterized by cut-throat competition and the desire to lead the rat race at any cost, Pa’s corporate training events are a breath of fresh air. Rather than join an already intensive competition with evermore modern and effective skills and tools, Pa shows how to get the best results by prioritizing, by managing time and resources more skillfully, and by staying within your limits.

From rethinking age-old procedures to unleashing hidden skills and attributes, the corporate training programs show you how to stay a step ahead of the game, and how to follow your intuition and inner compass to solve problems, achieve goals and stay within your moral bounds in every aspect of work.

The programs are structured in a way that fosters continuous growth in an individual’s professional life, while achieving the fine balance between work and play. You will see how working smart trumps working hard, and how creativity, confidence and lucid thinking turns your career around.

An integral part of Pa’s corporate training programs and workshops is the conviction that success is a habit.Looking at success this way prepares the mind for success to come naturally – as naturally as anything else that comes from habit. This radical shift in perspective is at the heart of all of Pa’s teachings.