Pa Joof: International Keynote Speaker

Introducing Pa Joof as an International Keynote Speaker and world-renowned authority on global elite leadership, self-development and unlocking personal success. Pa has travelled the world several times over presenting at more than 3,000 high profile leadership and motivational speaking events globally in 30+ major cities ranging from 100 to 5,000 attendees (more than 300,000 event attendees in total). His profile extends across continents, including regular US TV / media appearances and elite coaching for some of the best, most powerful and influential leaders in business. So why not learn how to set big goals, take action and become highly successful – let Pa Joof help guide you all the way.

Keynote Speaking: Unique Inspirational Style 

Pa Joof’s unique charismatic ‘signature style’ is all about high energy, inspiration and challenging individuals to go even deeper into one’s inner-self for exploring motivations, aspirations, strengths, weaknesses and personal growth opportunities. Whether it’s a 90-minute inspirational power talk, group interventions (shared learning experiences), a full days’ worth of business leader engagement or hosting international keynote speaking events, Pa can adapt his style to suit any leadership-inspired audience to deliver real results and personal impact.

Keynote Speaker Credentials: High Profile Events

Pa Joof has shared the stage with some leading global icons and worked alongside some of the world’s most influential keynote speakers. Events are always well-attended; typically by world class business leaders and Fortune 500 company executives. Other VIP / Elite Coaching clients include Heads of State (Presidents), globally-ranked leading high net worth individuals, renowned celebrities and well-known global icons.

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International Keynote Speaking Programs

Game-Changer! Elite Leadership Speaker Program

The highly successful Game Changer Elite Leadership Speaker Program involving high profile speaking events for established elite business leaders or aspiring high potential leaders. Events can be exclusive with a limited number of elite leaders or opened-up to several hundred attendees (typically 250 to 3,000 attendees). Formats are tailored to diverse audiences, including high impact 90-minute inspirational power-talks, group interventions (shared learning experiences + group engagement) or leadership engagement days (a full day’s direct leadership engagement + valuable insights). Contact Pa Joof directly to see how his ‘Gaming Changing’ Programs can make a difference or to simply attend his next event.

Game-Changer! International Event Hosting

Pa Joof is available for event hosting having presented / hosted on Global, Europe and Asia Speaker Programs. Pa has shared the stage with some elite level business leaders and global icons through various speaker programs. Pa is also an active host / speaker with the Success Resources Partnership (global events network) and the National Achievers Congress amongst other international event hosting assignments.

His confident engaging presenting style can add value to any speaker program. A passionate performer, strong personality and natural charisma shines through to captivate any audience. His own personal journey and inspirational life story is compelling and shows how people can transform themselves. In Pa’s case from extreme poverty into a one of the most influential global business leaders (as recognized by in 2017).

Pa has shared stages with presidents, celebrities and global icons, and coached Fortune 500 executives and world-class speakers.

Be Inspired! Corporate Speaker Programs

Be Inspired! Corporate Leaders Speaker Program

Bringing together likeminded business leaders from many diverse corporations and large organizations. These typically look the engage 100-250 high profile business leaders on various leadership themes such as empowerment, self-awareness, self-expression, emotional intelligence, rules of engagement, shared goals, culture (values) and transformational leadership amongst others.

Be Inspired! Bespoke Corporate Leaders Speaker Program

Our Be Inspired! Corporate Leaders Speaker Program for in-house leadership development and engagement within major corporations. Our inspirational high impact sessions focus on relevant themes, topics and issues impacting leadership, culture, motivations and behaviours to deliver common strategies for success across an entire company. Groups are typically focused on the senior leadership community of major corporations (top-tier executives with 20 to 60 people attending events).

Be Inspired! Elite Sports Leadership & Motivation Program

Our Be Inspired! Elite Sports Leadership & Motivation Program offers the chance for elite athletes and sports people to truly understand how leadership values, scenarios, decision-making, mental approach and competitive mindset can help unlock untapped performance and potential. Becoming a real leader, aiming big and setting clear objectives whether in a training, recovery or competitive environment can help make a real difference when it counts most. PA Joof’s inspirational style can help propel elite athletes to the next level and change their ways of thinking (mentality).

‘Success is not a sprint – it is a marathon’

You have often heard that success is not a sprint – it is a marathon. To be a successful marathon runner it requires a killer combination of fitness, endurance, self-awareness and mental fortitude or emotional strength to overcome challenges. Knowing when to exert the most amount of energy, how to know when to act and who to take along with you on this journey. PA Joof can help take you along on this journey by unlocking potential and developing clear strategies for success in every walk of life.

Leadership Themes: Example areas of focus
  • Empowerment & Ownership (Challenging Limited Beliefs)
  • Emotional Intelligence (Understanding Own Emotions)
  • Self-Expression (Overcoming Hidden Fears)
  • Team Culture & Rules of Engagement (Creating a Buzz Feeling)
  • Transformational Leadership (Shared Cultural Values & Goals)
  • Self-Awareness (Realising Unknown Potential)