Elite Executive Coaching Program

Pa Joof is one of the most influential and sought-after Elite Leadership Coaches in business, career and life. Pa trained as an Elite Trainer + Leadership Coach with expertise, insights and learning gained from one of the world’s leading executive coaches alongside coaching a portfolio of elite business leaders and top-tier platinum clients. Benefiting from worldwide exposure to elite-level coaching, Pa has developed the Game Changer! Elite Coaching Program for global executives, VIP clients and high profile celebrities.

Pa Joof: A Potential Game Changer!

An uncanny intuitive way of understanding what makes people tick has allowed Pa to be revered as  a coach, mentor and possible life-changer to an exclusive group of clientele who possess the potential and desire to become ‘Game-Changers’ in any aspect of their lives. These are individuals have not only the ability to impact themselves, but so many others on a large scale through personal impact and influence. PA Joof has built an impressive client portfolio successfully coaching CEOs, business leaders and global executives from Fortune 500 Companies, major corporations and large organizations. Elite Coaching assignments have also included leading entrepreneurs, high profile celebrities, multi-millionaires (extreme high net worth individuals), business owners and hedge fund managers.

Pa has a gift of getting the best out of you and points you in the right direction. He ignite the spark in people and make them achieve the impossible.

Robert Witvliet

Pa gives people a new point of view of life that really gives people a new dimension toward achieving their goals. He helps you live the life your meant to live.

Martijn Bakker

Game Changer! Elite Coaching Program

The Game Changer! Elite Coaching Program has been carefully designed to guide elite executives or leaders in their particular field towards reaching peak performance and maximizing potential through personal impact, influence and developing strategies for success. Pa works very closely with elite leaders to discover, unleash and maintain their unique brilliance, fire and ambition. In short, we are the flame or the catalyst to ignite the passion with bespoke elite coaching solutions tailored to individual needs. Pa’s approach is refreshing, engaging and direct to take leaders on a journey, ignite potential and challenge existing thinking, norms and values.

Key themes may include: Empowerment & Ownership (Challenging Limited Beliefs), Emotional Intelligence (Understanding Own Emotions), Self-Expression (Overcoming Hidden Fears), Team Culture & Rules of Engagement (Creating a Buzz Feeling), Transformational Leadership (Shared Cultural Values & Goals) and Self-Awareness (Realising Unknown Potential).  PA also has a range of core methodologies, approaches and tools to facilitate elite coaching processes, best practice and offering something different through his unique engaging style.
The idea is to truly transform existing mindset, deliver impactful results and unleash untapped potential beyond leaders own expectations. Let’s start on a journey together and examine those ‘Gaming Changing Possibilities’ – THINK BIG : WIN BIG.

Elite Leaders: Candidate Profile & Selection

Pa’s proven track record at this level means he is in demand all over the world, so thereby limiting the number of clients he works with at any given time. Pa actively engages with elite leaders to identify the right candidates who are leaders in the own right, wish to stay at the top of their game or take themselves to the next level in whatever they choose to do. Selection is usually by referral or by contacting Pa Joof directly to verify whether the Game Changer! Elite Coaching Program is the right option.

Elite Coaching: Making a Real Investment

The Gamer Changer! Elite Coaching Program is only available to selected individuals. With this it requires time, dedication, focus and expert guidance. Such program comes with a high degree of commitment, personal engagement and international travel. Given the opportunity to permanently enhance all areas of your personal and professional capability, open-up new opportunities and benefit from greater freedoms, the Gamer Changer! Elite Coaching Program it well-worth the investment for the right individual or organization. The Program is not called Game Changer for nothing.

Minimum Investment & Commitment Required

Pa Joof can help make a real ‘game-changing’ difference though his Elite Coaching Program. The minimum coaching agreement is 120 hours (approximately one year). An investment of USD $150,000 up to USD$ 1,000,000 is required before the initial coaching session (this fee is non-refundable). If you choose to quite the program, any remaining balance will go to the MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW FOUNDATION or to a charity of Pa’s choice.  

Pa works with most clients over 1 to 3 years, though longer coaching relationships have been built over 5 to 9 years. To get the most out of the process it is crucially important to get the right client fit so you can benefit from the elite-level coaching and unlimited support provided by Pa and his team. If you believe you fit this criteria, wish to become a more effective, impactful and influential elite leader, Pa invites you to schedule a no obligation discussion to find out how elite-level coaching can help make a real difference.