10 Principles for Living Your Best Life

Everyone has their own set of individual beliefs that they choose to live by and they are always according to what is important to them. But you will come across some principles for living your best life that everyone shares.

Here are my 10 life principles of living your best life:

1. Self-Love

But not just those around you, but yourself too. Self-love is important for everyone to invest some time into.

But loving more can also refer to connecting with the deeper intellect that guides your being. You are an embodiment of love, irrespective of whether you are hurt or betrayed. Set aside those bad emotions and start swimming in the ocean of love.

2. Regular Personal Development

Challenging, teaching and taking care of yourself are all key steps to effective personal development. Take time to take a step back regularly to look at yourself and thinking about what you want to improve on. Set yourself goals and work towards them to better yourself.

If we do not clean, dress well, exercise or eat well, we fall victim to destructive habits and pay the price in illness. People claim since they cannot see the benefits of personal development when everything is fine.

3. Take Control of Your Thoughts

Be conscious of your thoughts and learn to control them so they do not consume you. Are your thoughts filled with optimism and positivity or self-doubt and sadness? Do you believe them? Do you tend to look on the bright side of dark situations? Despite people’s opinions, our thoughts are not fixed. They are shaped by being aware of them and not believing everything you think.

4. Look Out for Others

While some people discover it earlier than others, we are all on the path of finding our purpose in life. You can be of service to others in your own little way by your beliefs, how you act and what you say. Give your time and resources to enrich the lives of others. Even sending peaceful thoughts to someone else is a step in the right path.

5. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is all about focusing on what you do have in your life rather than what you haven’t. It’s about being grateful for the small things and of those around you and realising what is important. Lead a life of respecting what you have and not worrying about what you think your life is lacking.

6. Surround Yourself with the Right People

Surround yourself with people filled with positive vibes and encouragement. Be with people who bring out the best in you and see you for greater qualities that you often take for granted.

7. Character Over Reputation

Your character takes a lifetime to build, whereas your reputation can be shattered in moments. Be cautious of who you are becoming and what you are doing, not to protect your reputation, but to maintain a good character that you have dedicated your life to constructing.

8. Leave Behind Your Fears

Have you ever noticed that your biggest fears rarely come to life? We are great at overthinking obscure situations that MAY happen and prepare for the worst in most situations. However, if we continue to think like this we will attract these fears because of the energy devoted to it. Replace negativity with dignifying thoughts that bring you closer to the life you wish to live.

9. Leave the Past in the Past

To avoid holding onto excess baggage in the future, we need to heal the past. The future is designed for moving on and looking forward to new successes and exciting events. The past is designed for lessons learnt that you need to heal and move on from. Don’t let what happens in your past create barriers for your future. Let them be learning experiences to help you make better decisions.

10. Forgive Yourself and Others

Learn to forgive and allow your past to heal. A lot of people find it easy to forgive others but struggle to forgive themselves. I invite you to start with yourself first. Forgive yourself totally and open the window for love to heal. Remember, forgiveness does not mean to forget; it means to see the past in a new light.

What principles do you live by for greater living?

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