What if there were a secret to wealth so simple and effective that anybody could do it?
There is: Maintaining excellent health.
(And we don’t just mean it in the “your health is your most valuable asset” sense, either.)
Good health translates into extra cash in your bank account for three main reasons:
Staying Healthy Saves You Money
It’s not rocket science — spending money that you could otherwise be investing or saving won’t make you any richer. Medical costs are notorious for skyrocketing even for minor conditions, and for serious issues, they can be ruinous. Though not all ill health is preventable, there are many things we can do to ward off the worst of it, like avoiding cigarettes, exercising, and eating right. As they say, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”
Perceived Health Is Perceived Success
For better or worse, they way our colleagues see us has an effect on our careers. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle says many things about our inner character without you having to speak a word at all. If you take care of yourself, you’ll encourage others to see you as somebody who’s responsible, trustworthy, and motivated.
Good Physical Health Improves Your Mind
Study after study shows that eating well and exercising can improve neurological function. If you’ve ever fallen prey to a day of junk food and telly watching, you already know that these unhealthy behaviours don’t prepare you for success in work or in life. When your body is in great shape, so is your mind — and only then can you have the creative breakthroughs and successes that can translate to extra money in your pocket.
Are you motivated to get healthy yet? We hope so!

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