Having debts hanging over your head is more than a financial burden—it’s an emotional and psychological deadweight, too. If you’re in debt, you’ve probably felt as if it wasn’t just your money that was being siphoned away, but also your time, energy, and even your optimism. But you have amazing, world-changing goals in mind that you want to achieve during your lifetime—goals other than paying what you owe. How are you supposed to give it your best shot when the bill collector keeps calling?
Set realistic goals for yourself.
With your goals and your debt, you have to challenge yourself to make strides that won’t knock the rest of your life off balance. What intentions can you set for yourself today that will make it easier for you to pay down your debt and get a few steps closer to your dream by this time next month?
Separate your worries from realities.
Are you up nights pacing and wrist-wringing over your debt? Chances are it’s not as bad as you think. See if you can’t divert some of that energy you’re spending worrying to actually making progress with your goals.
Learn how to streamline.
Trim the fat off your spending to get out of debt faster, and clarify your goal to make it more achievable. Excess—whether it’s your spending or complicated plans for achieving your dreams—can stop you dead in your tracks.
Know that success comes in fits and starts.
Slow and steady might win the race, but you’ll likely pay off your debt—and get closer to your achievements—in sudden, sporadic bursts. Be patient and kind to yourself so you’re prepared to make the most of your times of good fortune.
Leverage the knowledge you’ve gained.
You’re already seeing how getting out of debt can train you to achieve your goals faster—so use that knowledge! Instead of getting weighed down by your finances, learn from them so you don’t make the same mistakes twice. That way, once you’re successfully debt-free and clear, you’ll be well prepared to succeed in your other goals, too.

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