When we’re striving for success, working hard, and doing our all to make our dreams come true, concern for others isn’t always our top priority. After all, we are building the lives for ourselves that will lead us to the future we desire. Right?
Not so fast.
Success never happens in a vacuum — we need others to get where we want to go.
Family, friends, mentors, and colleagues can help us along our paths. We’re used to relying on our peers and elders for support and wisdom. But have you ever considered that children play a vital role in creating the future we hope to be part of?
It’s a simple but profound truth: While we’re working toward our goals, the young people of today are already shaping the way the future will be. We’ve seen this with technology; today’s kids are experts at all things digital, and the world is changing to fit their specific needs at this very moment. It’s like planting a garden: choose your plants with care and treat them well, because how they turn out doesn’t just affect them. It affects you, too.
Next time you decide to take a step forward with your career or your goals, think about it in the big picture. How can helping the youth today help you achieve your goals down the road? Whatever your dream may be — equality, peace, safer cities, an end to disease — see how you can help empower the youth to work with you. After all, they will be the ones to carry your dream forward when you no longer can.

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