Whether it’s seeing our name on the cover of a beautifully bound hardback book or simply getting our brilliant idea out into the world, many of us dream of writing our very own book. All of us want our voices to be heard and to create something lasting. It’s only natural!
But for many of us, writing a book seems like an absolute fantasy. We divide the world into “us” and “them” — the non-writers and the writers — and we tell ourselves that there is simply no way we can cross the divide from where we are now into being a real author. What happens when we tell ourselves we can’t? When we say “that’s impossible”? And when we deny ourselves permission to even try? We make it true.
The wonderful news is that the reverse is also true. You can absolutely write a book — or accomplish anything else you put your mind to — if you simply believe you can and put in the hard work to make it reality.
Here’s an important distinction to consider: There’s a big difference between writing a book and writing a good book. There’s also a big difference between writing a book and publishing a book. But more than anything, there’s a huge difference between writing a book and not writing a book at all, so don’t get ahead of yourself! Start where you are and build from there.
Believe In Yourself
I know that you can do it, but only you can write your book. Know it in your bones.
Get Inspired
Writing down your ideas will be a lot easier if you feel excited and energetic about them. Gather what inspires you and use it to propel your work forward.
Create a Plan
Many authors simply don’t pick up a pen and start writing their book from start to finish. They have outlines, strategies, research, and schedules to help keep them and their book on track.
Use All Your Resources
Feeling overwhelmed? Get help! Between the internet and the library, there are thousands of free resources that can help you plan and write your book. You don’t have to go it alone!
Put In the Elbow Grease
Being prepared is great, but you also have to do the actual work if you want to write a book. This means writing for as long as it takes until you’re finished. Set goals for yourself so you don’t fall behind, and you’ll have your chapters done sooner than you’d think.
Not even professional authors get it right the first time. In fact, many go through three, five, or even twenty drafts! Keep on refining your text until you get it just right and the message in your heart shows up clearly on the page.
Get Feedback
Once you feel confident in your manuscript, show it to caring, thoughtful, supportive members of your community and ask for constructive criticism. Seeing how others react to your writing can give you invaluable information on further revisions you still need to make.
Share It With the World
After you go through as many stages of revision and feedback as you think you need, share your work with the world! Whether it’s through self-publishing, a blog, or the traditional publishing route, it’s important to let your manuscript see the light of day. After all, there’s somebody out there who cares about what you have to say and who you will inspire. Be brave and put yourself out there — you never know what an impact you will make on the world around you.

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