Let’s be honest: do you or your loved ones really need more stuff?
The latest-and-greatest tech fads, clothing, and accessories might be calling your name this holiday season, but come January, the appeal will have already worn off. Getting and giving holiday present is fun–it’s tradition, after all. But for creative, modern men and women, sometimes it’s the gift that’s invisible to the eye that warms the heart the most.
That’s why this is the year to give the gift of making an impact.
Whether or not you know it, your life makes a huge impact on the world. Whether it’s to the people who surround you, the environment, your place or work, or elsewhere, you matter. You have the strength, intelligence, and creativity to use your impact on the world to improve the lives of those you care about the most. It’s not as simple as going shopping and buying a trendy present–but your impact is more meaningful and memorable than anything money can buy.
How can you transform your gift-giving routine into one of making an impact?
Find out what your loved ones care most about and show that you care, too.
Are your kids animal lovers? Donate to the zoo. Is your spouse a great cook? Volunteer for the local soup kitchen. Show that you care about your family and friends by contributing to causes they care about.
Make an impact by not making an impact.
The holiday season is one of plenty, which is a beautiful thing–but it can also lead to waste. See how you can lessen your impact on the environment during the season by carpooling, buying only recyclable presents, or donating your leftover food to the hungry.
Touch the life of another in a meaningful way.
Instead of buying things for your loved ones, plan out an experience you can share together. Spending quality time with your friends and family is more valuable than gold–and a far more memorable gift.
You don’t have to give up traditional gift-giving to also give the gift of making an impact. Let your creativity inspire you and see what happens!

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