Whether you’re new to management or angling for a promotion, knowing how to build a strong, collegial, and productive team is absolutely vital to your organization’s success. After all, no person is an island; we have to learn the best possible ways to work with one another if we want to do the best work possible. So how do you build — or re-build — the kind of team where everybody gets on brilliantly and does a superior job?
Start with the building blocks of team building.
Identify a Common Goal
Just as football teams know without a doubt that they need to kick the ball into the net, your team needs to have a clear picture of what they are supposed to do, how they are supposed to do it, and what the rules of engagement are.
Set Clearly Defined Roles
More than just their job description, your team members need to know their role on their team, too. Who is the team leader? Who can they look to for help? What boundaries should they avoid crossing?
Prioritize Communication
There’s no doubt that clarity of communication is of ultimate importance on every type of team. Make it a goal to articulate and listen well in addition to performing normal job functions.
Utilize Team Member’s Strengths
Teams work best when each member can play a valuable role and not just sit on the sidelines. Be certain to pick members who fill in necessary gaps and can bring their best self to work every day.
Make Room for Play
Don’t be fooled — play is as important for your bottom line as it is for your team’s well-being. The better your team gets along, the more they care about their common goal, and the harder they work to make success a reality.

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