Pa Joof, renowned business strategist and speaker, explains how thoughts mold reality and explains how to change a poverty mentality into a millionaire mentality by taking time to become aware of the constant stream of thoughts going on inside the mind.
LONDON, UK — September 12, 2016 — Executive coach, renowned business strategist and speaker, Pa Joof posted a new blog on his website entitled, “Is Yours a Poverty or Millionaire Mentality?” in which Mr. Joof sets a mentality and reality changing course for his readers.
Joof writes, “Most people are familiar with the Henry Ford’s famous quote: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” If this is your first encounter with this quote,” says Joof, “it could change your life if you take it to heart. The reason being, this quote is at the very essence of both, a millionaire or a poverty mentality.”
“Whether you know it or not,” writes Joof, “your thoughts create your reality.” He continues adding, “So, if you think small, negative, fearful thoughts, your life will be rich in small, negative and fearful experiences.” Joof elaborates further, “Likewise, if your thoughts are of joy, peace and abundance be it an abundance of friends, loving relationships, money and/or opportunities, your life will be a reflection of those thoughts.”
According to Joof, “Check your mentality and you’ll see your reality. Our thoughts are so automatic that most people are not conscious of the thoughts they are thinking.” He adds, “So the first step to changing your mentality and your reality is to become aware of the thoughts that are constantly going on inside your head.”
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About Pa Joof:
Internationally renowned as a business leader, motivational speaker, and life coach, Pa Joof is an expert in unleashing human potential. The former European Head of Banking for a Fortune 500 company, Pa oversaw sales and corporate training initiatives and was responsible for over $1 billion in assets. He routinely lends his business acumen to leading companies from diverse industries, including market-leaders such as HSBC, Hilton, O2, Deloitte & Touche, Barclays, Connexions, Aviva, Foot Locker and United Bank of Africa. He has shared his ideas with select audiences who occupy top-management positions, live crowds of thousands, and has even reached millions through his appearances on prominent networks such as ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, SABC, VARA. Having risen to such heights, Pa has taken on the challenge of helping others do the same. Now, Pa shares his inspiring story with others, using his entrepreneurial spirit and life-affirming attitude to motivate others into surpassing their greatest expectations.

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