Pa Joof, renowned business strategist and speaker, talks about the role leaders have in keeping their fingers on the pulse of change, knowing how to create and effect positive changes in their organizations.
LONDON, UK — October 04 2016 — Executive coach, renowned business strategist and speaker, Pa Joof posted a new article on his website entitled, “Leadership and Change” in which Mr. Joof addresses the opportunities leaders have to affect positive change in their organizations.
 According to Joof, “Change and leadership go hand in hand. Sometimes change happens swiftly. At other times change seems to happen at a snail’s pace.” He continues adding, “In many organizational environments whether corporate, small business, for profit or non-profit the most difficult times are when the leadership needs to be changed due to being unable to affect positive change in their teams.”
Joof states, “True leaders must be alert to conditions that need to change and should in fact create shifts in mindsets, conditions and resources in order to inspire positive outcomes for others.” “This,” says Joof, “is one of the reasons leaders must be committed to looking closely at their own behaviors and to ongoing personal development.”
“If there are areas in your company or business where conflict seems to be the norm instead of the exception,” writes Joof, “you can almost be certain that there are leadership issues. Getting to the source of the conflict may not be easy, but it is necessary in the long run. Every person in an organization must be valued and made to feel that they are necessary.”
According to Joof, “There is always an opportunity to develop healthy relationships as well as to inspire engagement and learning when a leader is devoted to creating an environment that encourages growth and openness. Whether you are at the very top of your organization or are a valued team leader, it’s important to stay open for new opportunities to learn.” Joof adds, “I’ve compiled a list of questions leaders at every level can benefit from asking themselves. Print it out. Keep it handy. Review it frequently and you’ll be the great leader you aspire to be.”
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About Pa Joof:
Internationally renowned as a business leader, motivational speaker, and life coach, Pa Joof is an expert in unleashing human potential. The former European Head of Banking for a Fortune 500 company, Pa oversaw sales and corporate training initiatives and was responsible for over $1 billion in assets. He routinely lends his business acumen to leading companies from diverse industries, including market-leaders such as HSBC, Hilton, O2, Deloitte & Touche, Barclays, Connexions, Aviva, Foot Locker and United Bank of Africa. He has shared his ideas with select audiences who occupy top-management positions, live crowds of thousands, and has even reached millions through his appearances on prominent networks such as ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, SABC, VARA. Having risen to such heights, Pa has taken on the challenge of helping others do the same. Now, Pa shares his inspiring story with others, using his entrepreneurial spirit and life-affirming attitude to motivate others into surpassing their greatest expectations.
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