Pa Joof recently hit two Amazon best-seller lists with the new book, UNcommon
London, UK June 17, 2015 – Pa Joof recently joined Brian Tracy and a select group of business leaders from around the world to co-author the book titled “UNcommon.” The book was released on June 11, 2015 by CelebrityPress™ – a leading business book publisher.
On the day of release, UNCommon reached best-seller status in two Amazon categories – reaching as high as #16 in: “Sales and Selling.” The book also reached best-seller status in the “Marketing” category. Pa Joof contributed a chapter titled “D.R.I.V.E. To Success.”
Pa Joof’s message of Making It Happen Now is a reflection of how he lives his life.   He takes and embraces information and turns it into action NOW. As a boy born in the U.K. and raised in the tiny West African country of his ancestry, The Gambia, he lived with little, but had a burning passion to help those around him.   His humility comes from sharing the family home with 30 others, and understanding that the human condition is not permanent.   He realized at a young age that he had the power to make a difference in not only his, but in other peoples’ lives.
His commitment to transforming lives has evolved to training and teaching over 200,000 people worldwide. His life has been far from ordinary. He left The Gambia at the age of 17 and returned to the U.K., where he supported himself through University. He rose through the ranks in the corporate world, leading to a position as Head of Banking for a Fortune 500 company.   Pa was responsible for over $1 billion in assets. He achieved financial independence at the young age of 30 – a mere 13 years after leaving The Gambia on his own. His success speaks for itself.
Pa has created multiple businesses worldwide, generating millions of dollars in revenue. He has guided his clients to the same ranks of success, creating multi-million dollar businesses in months and taking big, established companies to the next level.
He is has been involved in ten companies that operate in nine different countries. This is impressive for a man who swept floors in order to pay his way through University while supporting not only himself, but also his 12-year old brother. His background in the financial industry qualifies him to train others about the psychology and strategies of creating wealth. He is the founder and head trainer of the Wealth Institute, which is a platform of professionals providing personal education and empowerment on a grand scale.
The book:
Common” can be defined as ordinary while “uncommon” suggests rarity. However, combining Common Sense with Uncommon Knowledge has the potential to produce winners.
While Common Sense has been noted to be in short supply and Uncommon Knowledge hard to come by, the experts in this book have combined the two to produce high rates of success in their fields. If you are looking to accomplish personal, worthy goals, a helping hand will get you there faster. In addition, a mentor will invariably get you there at less cost than if you try to make your own way, helping you to avoid errors that may be time-consuming or costly, or both. Succeeding requires the attributes of hard work, sound planning, action and perseverance-while combining common sense and uncommon knowledge as a part of the process.
This book presents a panel of experts including: Financial Consultants, Wealth Managers, Retirement, Investment and Health Specialists, Realtors®, Marketers, Coaches and other entrepreneurial specialists. They have all attained success in their fields and would be pleased to mentor you on your journey to attain your goal(s). You need not be alone… You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.
A portion of the royalties earned from UNCommon will be given to Entrepreneur’s International Foundation, a not for profit organization dedicated to creating unique launch campaigns to raise money and awareness for charitable causes.
More About Pa Joof:
Pa is a powerful leader in Personal Development, coaching individuals including CEOs, athletes, and politicians to peak performance on a personal and professional level. The wisdom he shares comes from the heart and stems from his real life experiences and he sets the example by walking his talk. He possesses the unique ability to connect with individuals, revealing their best qualities and attributes. He discovered his calling of inspiring people and is a key visionary of the Making it Happen Now Foundation, working with young people and communities to give them the greatest possible opportunities.
His message of Living Your Legacy by Igniting Your Purpose is the foundation of seminars that he presents internationally, training and coaching tens of thousands of people. He has a unique style, engaging energy, infectious laugh, natural charisma and a larger-than-life presence that has a compelling impact. His delivery produces results – Making it Happen Now!
Pa is humble, yet powerful. He can turn on the fuel that ignites the brilliance to influence lives with high energy, passion, and D.R.I.V.E.
Connect with Pa:
Email: [email protected]
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