5 Steps Towards Overcoming Obstacles

No one goes through life without overcoming obstacles. Challenges will arise when you least expect it and you will have to face them sooner or later. Some are more difficult than others, but no matter how big or small the obstacle, there are a few steps you can work through towards overcoming it:

1. Consider Past Experiences

Think back to past experiences of overcoming obstacles. Consider how you overcame them, or if you didn’t, what you learnt from the experience. Apply this knowledge to the obstacle at hand in an attempt to create less of a problem.

2. Put Yourself In Control

Analyse what is holding you back and what you are able to control in this situation. For example, you can control your attitude and behaviours towards the issue, how much time and effort you put into finding a solution, which opportunities are available to take advantage of and your self-care to ensure your health, moods and stress levels do not begin to suffer.

When analysing what or who may be holding you back you might have to make some difficult decisions. When surrounded by people you love it can be difficult to determine who isn’t seeking the best for you and may be holding you back. Surround yourself with positive people who help you through thick and thin.

3. Mindmap Solutions

Find a piece of paper and a pen and begin to note down every possible solution you can think of, no matter how bizarre. Once you’ve run out of ideas, step back and begin to look at the benefits and downfalls of each idea and then pick the most realistic ideas to try first.

Once you have about 3-5 possible solutions, break them down and begin to set yourself goals and a plan on how you are going to test each solution.

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4. Track Your Progress

If it’s a long-term obstacle you are dealing with, it’s important to track your progress along the way, to measure how effective your solution is. Otherwise, if there is no progress you could be wasting your time and will need to find another solution.

5. Seek Help & Advice

Never struggle alone. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength. The strength of finally realising that you need to get back on your feet and finding the courage to ask those around you to help you on your journey. Take care of yourself and don’t keep your struggle silent. Talk to people and let it out. They may also have ideas on how you can solve your situation that you didn’t already consider.

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