What if there really was a secret to success? If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard thousands of so-called secrets—everything from “just be yourself” to “wake up 30 minutes earlier every morning”—that don’t dramatically help you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. It’s a given that getting what you want out of life takes a lot of work, but what many people don’t realize is that it also takes self-mastery.
And do you know what types of people are experts at self-mastery and getting what they want?
But wait! Don’t disregard this idea just yet. Everything you think you know about sales is probably based on a handful of experiences that rubbed you the wrong way. And it’s true—between the prototypical used car salesman and loud radio commercial, sales tends to get an awfully bad rap.
But sales, in its essence, means being able to clearly communicate an idea in a way that provokes others into action. Yes, it really is that simple! Forget the pushy clerks at boutiques and those annoying people who call you on the phone in the middle of a meal. We’re talking about real sales here—and real sales is a superpower.
A real salesperson has total control over himself, his prospective client, and their interaction, and he is never pushy or rude. He has one thing in mind—making the sale—and he draws from his experiences and knowledge to figure out how to do just that. Each sale is unique, requiring a different set of behaviours, ideas, and techniques to achieve the desired result.
Now think of the goal you have in mind. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have this skill set at your disposal? Which brings us to the real secret to success: Sales is a skill that can be learned. When you learn how to sell yourself and your ideas, you’ll get a new lease on life that makes it simpler and easier than ever before to…
Get Hired
Still in search of that dream job? Learn how to sell your skills, personality, and experience, and you’ll go from unnoticed to top of the heap in no time!
Get Confident
Are you a shy guy or gal? You can make a great salesperson! Once you get used to the idea of selling, you’ll gain more experience talking with people and getting them to see things from your perspective. You don’t need to be loud or overbearing to be a confident, successful salesperson.
Get Ahead
What’s the difference between people who speed ahead in life and people who are left in the dust? The ability to make a case for themselves. You are always your best advocate for getting ahead, and sales skills can give your whole life a big boost.
Get Disciplined
Of course, there’s no magic potion to turn you into a great salesperson overnight. It takes practice, experience, and self-discipline to turn your budding sales knowledge into an art form. And, the more diligent you are about getting great at sales, the most focused attention you’ll bring into other aspects of your life.
Get Your Goals
Remember, I never tell people just to set goals—I help them get goals! Knowing how to be a fantastic salesperson is a surprisingly useful skill set that can honestly help you turn your dreams into reality. Whoever you are or whatever your goals may be, you probably won’t achieve them entirely by yourself. Knowing how to sell your ideas, communicate convincingly with others, and close a deal are practical, real-world skills that will put you lightyears ahead when you’re going after even your most ambitious goals.

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