Why You Should Dedicate Time to Helping Others


Helping others comes with a wealth of benefits, because not only is it the right thing to do and makes others feel good, you will also notice yourself become a lot happier and healthier! Helping others allows us to connect with those around us and create a stronger, happier community.

A powerful way to make yourself feel good is to do good. But this doesn’t always just mean donating money to charities. You can also invest your time and ideas into other people, such as volunteering with local groups, donating food and clothes to a homeless shelter, visiting an old people’s home, adopting a homeless pet, being more involved in the development of your local community. No matter how big or small the help, all help is appreciated!

There are also lots of small tasks you can do in your daily life to significantly help other people:

  • Helping elderly neighbours with chores,
  • De-icing the pathways during snowy Winters,
  • Buying an extra sandwich on your work break for a homeless person,
  • Visiting close ones who live alone to keep them company,
  • Pay for the person behind you’s coffee order.

And as you begin to help other’s more and more you will begin to notice the benefits for both you and those you’re helping:

  • Providing life with a sense of meaning and boosting life satisfaction,
  • Reducing stress levels to improve your moods,
  • Spreading happiness,
  • Distracting you from problems of your own,
  • Becoming more open-minded as you begin to connect with different kinds of people,
  • Making you less selfish as you begin to focus more on giving than receiving.

But most of all, it can make you a powerful influencer within your community. Once people begin to see all your hard work and the difference you are making to people’s lives you will gain respect from those around you. These acts of generosity can also be contagious, so you may start to notice people wanting to follow in your footsteps.

Take a step back in 2018 and think about how you can dedicate your time and energy to help others this new year. Go out of your way to make someone else that little bit happier and healthier. Set new years resolutions that can benefit those around you as well as yourself.


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