Pa Joof, renowned business strategist and speaker, points out the important difference between “making” time and “creating” time for busy professionals who want to create extra space in their weekly schedules.
LONDON, UK — Oct 21, 2015 — Coach and business strategist Pa Joof published a new blog post entitled “Don’t Make Time, Create Time.” In the post, he states that the idea of “making” time automatically predisposes busy people to think of it as a chore, which is one reason why it never gets done. A simple reframing of the idea as “creating” time, on the other hand, empowers professionals to bring their personal flair to their schedules, thinking outside of the box on when, where, and how they spend their time.
Says Joof, “Everybody wishes they could have more hours in the day, but many of us are too busy and tired to actually do anything about it. It feels like a catch-22: we need time to figure out how to get more time. Fortunately, there’s a way out of this conundrum, and it starts by reframing how we look at our schedules. Traditionally, we think in terms of making time—a word that connotes hard work and effort. What if we thought in terms of creating time instead?”
Pa Joof is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, business leader, and executive coach with “Elite Trainer” status. His engaging keynote speeches have helped tens of thousands of people create better lives for themselves. One of the world’s busiest and most sought-after speakers, Pa is an expert in unleashing potential and wealth creation.
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About Pa Joof:
Internationally renowned as a business leader, motivational speaker, and executive coach, Pa Joof is an expert in unleashing human potential. The former European Head of Banking for a Fortune 500 company, Pa oversaw sales and corporate training initiatives and was responsible for over $1 billion in assets. Having risen to such heights, Pa took on the challenge of helping others do the same. Now, Pa shares his inspiring story with others, using his entrepreneurial spirit and life-affirming attitude to motivate others into surpassing their greatest expectations.

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