8 Ways to Empower Your Team

Building a working environment on excellent team work can have a huge impact on your office’s dynamics, including lots of benefits. As the team leader, you cannot afford to forget about encouraging strong teamwork, as you could be leaving both your business and employees at a disadvantage.

There are multiple methods for team leaders to strengthen employee’s team building skills and I happen to have 8 tips that I believe are essential:

1. Establish Goals

Management are responsible for setting company goals and making them clear to the team so they know what they need to work towards. Employees will look up to management for guidance on which direction they should be working towards in order to keep achieving.

2. Defined Roles & Responsibilities

To create an efficient work flow every member of your team need to have a clear understanding of what their role is within the company and the responsibilities that come along with it. They need to know what tasks they are expected to perform and who they need to report to with any issues. This is especially important with project management in group tasks to ensure no one falls behind and deadlines are met.

3. Equal Opportunities

Providing equal training opportunities to help them keep equipped for the tasks at hand. It also prevents divisions appearing because certain employees are not able to perform to a satisfactory level. But remember to keep the training ongoing and pair employees together if need be. In their pairs they can teach and learn new skills from each other.

4. Provide Useful Feedback

Let employees know how they are performing so they know how to improve. But don’t always stick to negative feedback; make sure to praise employees when they reach targets and go above and beyond. Communicate with employees regularly and be clear on how they’re doing and work with them to feel more secure.

5. Empower Your Employees

Give employees the necessary authority to complete their duties, but ensure you observe their work to check that they are able to rise to the challenge. When employees feel trusted they will gain decision-making skills without worrying about consequences. And good employees will value your trust and ensure their decisions are what’s best for the company.

Also reward employees for good performances to motivate and empower them to continue striving in their work!

6. Encourage Teamwork

Understandably, a lot of workplaces have a lot of focus on meeting strict deadlines. However, once in a while it can be great to take a step back and allow an extended lunch hour or after-work social gatherings outside of the office to help improve employee relationships and get to know each other on a more personal level.

7. Keep Deadlines Realistic

Responsible work delegation can be a big help when trying to take some of the pressure off of deadlines. And in the spirit of teamwork double checking responsibility is divided equally, compensating employees for any overtime worked and reworking less urgent deadlines can be another big help and stress release.

8. Keep Employees Informed

Regular team meetings will allow employees to keep informed on what is happening within the business. This will allow employees to feel trusted and valued as they are being informed with important news. It also means lines of communication are always there and management appear easily approachable to employees. Not only will this let you in the know about staff needs and progress, it will also inform you on any team building concerns that you may want to access.

Overall, empowering your team and encouraging positive team work will eliminate any competitiveness within the working environment. Instead you will have an empowered and motivated work force, inspired to work with management to meet goals and help the company strive. Employees will feel valued and included within the team and will benefit from both personal and professional development along the way.

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