Gain Confidence in 60 Seconds

Not a lot of people are naturally confident and that’s okay. However, it is something that a lot of people push to work on, to help improve their work performance and life in general. Despite how many times I’ve stood on a stage with a microphone before, it can still be nerve-wracking, so I need ways to gain confidence fast. Here are 8 methods that I like to use when confidence is low:

1. Clear Space, Clear Mind

When we aren’t progressing as much as we feel we should, it can knock our confidence. Begin with a clear workspace and begin to tick over-due tasks off your to-do list.

2. Perfect Posture

Look professional and approachable by standing/sitting up straight.

3. Dress to Impress

Dressing yourself up to look good can make you feel good also. Taking pride in your appearance can provide you with a surge of confidence that will be difficult to knock.

4. Look After Your Body

Ensure that during your morning routine you fit in a quick work out routine and a healthy breakfast. Eat good, feel good.

5. Have Your Say

You are a valuable member of every team. Never feel as though your thoughts and ideas are not good enough or valued. Everything you do and everything you say matters. Start speaking up and having your input and you will soon notice the rewards!

6. Own Who You Are

Remember everything that is great about yourself and own it! Your skills, your talents, your loveable traits. Focus on the good, where you feel most confident and don’t worry too much about what you don’t have.

7. Remember Your Proudest Achievements

When you’re feeling low and unaccomplished, take a step back and think about your greatest achievements, no matter how big or small. Keep hold of that sense of pride as you reflect back on your proudest moments.

8. Smile

And finally, the most simple, yet effective way to gain confidence. Smile to yourself in the mirror, smile as you walk past people. Even when feeling miserable, smiling can make a world of difference.

Remember these 8 quick tricks and nothing can stop you! Utilise them daily to watch yourself grow into a naturally confident person who will no longer need fast solutions to impress in a meeting or voice their thoughts flawlessly.

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