Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Never Go Back!

We’ve all suffered the heartbreak of having to miss out on opportunities because it’s too far outside of our comfort zone. Some people live their entire life nested contently in their comfort zone. But for a lot of people, there is a beaming desire to be set free and to feel no fear in doing things outside of their comfort zone. And for these people, these are the steps you want to follow:

1. Sometimes the Best Experiences Happen When You’re Uncomfortable 

Experiences outside of your comfort zone provide you with the opportunity to challenge yourself and consequently grow as a person. The more you step outside of your comfort zone, the more you will begin to feel a happier, stronger and fearless version of yourself. The feeling you will receive from getting over a fear will be phenomenal and life changing!

2. Don’t Jump In Cold Turkey

Set yourself smaller tasks to complete leading up to the bigger goal so you’re not just rushing from one extreme to another. You need to prepare and ease yourself into it if you want to get the best experience.

3. Think of it as a Learning Experience 

Consider the experience to be more of a learning opportunity rather than challenging your biggest fears.

4. Retrain Your Mind

Keep your thoughts at ease by just asking yourself the classic question, “What’s the worst that could possibly happen?” Then focus on achieving the complete opposite. Keep your mind occupied on the benefits of this new opportunity and how amazing you will feel afterwards.

5. Visualise the Reward

Continuing from step four, just focus on the reward at the end and don’t let anything doubt yourself. Stay focused, stay motivated, stay fearless!

6. Bring a Friend on the Journey

But you don’t have to go through it alone. Take a friend along on your journey so you have someone to motivate you in moments of doubt and to be by your side the whole time.

Just remember, some of the best experiences come from facing your fears and the only person stopping you is yourself. It may seem challenging at first, but the more you prepare, the more you will feel at ease. As the classic saying goes, keep your head in the game and eyes on the prize. And there’s no better time to step out of your comfort zone than the new year to open up a wealth of opportunities for 2018. Good luck!

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