At this point in time, you’re probably on at least one social network. If you’re like most people, you spend quite a bit of time there sharing, learning, and connecting. But if you have business or personal goals that you’d like to achieve using social media, sticking to the basics just won’t cut it anymore. That’s why you need to level up and become a social media mastermind.
Try these advanced-level techniques to make the most of your social networking:

  1. Set SMART Goals

Your first job? Define a purpose for why you’re using social media. Then, set a SMART goal — one that’s specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound.

  1. Don’t Join Every Social Network

More isn’t better when it comes to social networks. Focus your time and energy where it matters most, and rid yourself of any dead weight.

  1. Understand Your Audience

With whom do you want to connect, and what do they care about? Put yourself in their shoes and consider their needs. Now, what can you do via social media to attract their attention?

  1. Think Big In Terms of Scale

The real power of social media is in its ability to reach vast numbers of people at the click of a button — but many people still approach it by thinking of individuals, not groups. Make the bulk of what you do applicable to the many, not the few, and save personal attention for special case scenarios.

  1. Calculate Your ROI

Whether you’re investing money or just time, it pays to know what return you’re getting. Try using an analytics tool to see how your numbers are looking, or set a separate measure of success. Learn, adapt, and restrategize as necessary until you meet your goals.

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