Are you driven to make a difference in your career? And are you determined to make a difference to the world through your work? If yes, then great. But don’t be one of the many who doesn’t make it.

The dream is to have a career that you love waking up every morning for and work in a friendly, appreciative environment. But for many, this is not the case, but there is no reason why you can’t try and make this dream into a reality, through doing the right things at work and taking control.

This can be achieved through certain behaviors becoming apart of your everyday routine and the way you communicate with fellow colleagues and clients.

Show Appreciation

Make it a priority for you to praise your fellow employees when they do something well, such as going above their monthly target or making a great deal. This is particularly important if you are in a role of authority and leadership.

This helps make employees feel valued and therefore motivated to continue to strive. Through regular praising, you will see an increase in employee confidence and self-esteem, creating a more energized and optimistic workforce.

And if people begin to notice you’re appreciative behavior, you may see a decline in slacking employees as they’ll begin to sit up and get back to work, so they too can be noticed and receive praise.

But you don’t have to be a leader to show appreciation. Even receiving praise from a fellow employee can make others feel more confident about their work life and creates a happier, close-knit environment.

Don’t Go Behind People’s Backs

Gossip and rumors are a definite don’t in a work environment, as they bring a feeling of distrust and poor teamwork. If you hear other people gossiping about fellow employees either put a stop to it or walk away – do not get involved. Another don’t is don’t send confidential information about employees to others without permission from management. And if rumors begin to get too out of hand or you suspect there may be some truth to them, hold a staff meeting to address these rumors to put an end to them once and for all. This creates a place for people to ask unanswered questions and feel secure again.

Don’t Allow Feuds to Get in the Way of Business

Unfortunately, sometimes we come across people that we don’t always get along with, such as a member of management, a fellow employee or an awkward customer. However, despite your differences, you cannot allow this to affect your work ethic. Disagreements may occur, but you will have to meet in the middle and do what’s best for the situation. And take responsibility for your wrong doings and accept apologies politely from others.
In conclusion, start letting fellow employees know how valued and appreciated they really are and watch your team begin to build confidence, progress and make a change.

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