Martijn Bakker Owner Bluebox Visions The Netherlands


Pa gives people a new point of view of life that really gives people a new dimension toward achieving their goals. He helps you live the life your meant to live.

Peter Sage Chariman Space Energy United Arab Emirates


Pa is highly skilled in many areas (and is committed to getting a result for the client. He gets people to shift out of their comfort zone and into their gifts

Robert Wittvliet Partner WIAR Workplace Performance Rotterdam The Netherlands


Pa shows the way of what is possible for you by inspiration, knowlegde and leadership.

His results in individual and corporate interventions are transformational in thinking and feeling about what's possible He activates a decisiveness in you to take action.

Geeta Tailor Nutritionist London UK


Pa will be loving and honest....everything he does is from the foundation of love and integrity and he will believe in you more than you believe in yourself. He has the ability to inspire and motivate people and helping them reclaim their power.

Pa helps re awaken ones spirit and purpose and really helps believe believe in themselves so they are eventually self empowered.

Andre Roessen Partner WIAR Workplace Performance Rotterdam The Netherlands


Pa has a gift of getting the best out of you and points you in the right direction. He ignite the spark in people and make them achieve the impossible.

Denise Dje Come-on Profilex Properties London UK


He inspire and mentor investors starting by tackling the mental blocks that will stop people from succeeding, then teach them the investment techniques.

Expected results is that people feel courageous with fear and invisible obstacles lifted and they can look forward to brighter futures

He is amazing with people and especially in bringing out the best in people and helping them unlock potential they did not know existed within them

Deborah Battersby Success Matrix Chicago USA


A mindset shift that spurs focused action and accelerated results High energy, intense passion, huge heart, vast knowledge that he is able to convey in simple, down to earth terms

Katrien Smets TotaalPresent Amersfoort Netherlands


Pa is a life changing force that blows you away. Pa is very transparent about every detail of himself which makes him very trustworthy and authentic. Someone I can easily surrender to because his words and actions are congruent. He continues to be a pinnacle mentor and coach for me, following up on his advise has deeply transformed all areas of my life for the better. For the first time I am ably to live without fear and dive into collective and creative possibilities to make the world a better place.

Lotta Hjulin Service Management Linköping Sweden


One of the best coaches and inspirational person I know. If you want to change your life permanent give yourself the gift of Pa´s seminar and life will never be the same!

Mary Macy Realtor Top Agents Atlanta Metro Roswell, GA USA


Pa is an amazing leader and someone who cares more about others outcomes . He has unique and insightful way on zooming in on customers needs. He has a gift of giving individuals and organisations direction and meaning.

Michelle Gannon Training Director Barclays Bank United Kingdom


Pa is a very inspirational speaker. He has this infectious presence and gift to communicates that transcends across different age groups. He gets people to do things they never thought they would ever be able to do . Personally he got me to identify my barriers and made me deal with them head on.

Tony Nicholson Celebrity Fitness Expert 4point Fitness China


Pa is a vessel of positive change. He has an innate ability to read people and create lasting change. He is like Mace Windu the Master Jedi from Star Wars.

Francesca Blackwood Consultant United Kingdom


Pa is a great motivator and brings out the best in those around him. He generates an energetic and inspiring atmosphere at his events and seems to know how to bring the right people together in an effective team. He has great integrity in all that he does.

Fiona Walsh Owner Fiona Walsh Photography Plymouth United Kingdom


Pa is the man! He is professional, perceptive, and is capable of leading any group you introduce him to. His passion for his work makes him a natural inspiration officer.

Paul Benschop RA Compliance Professional Almere The Netherlands


Participated in the Ultimate Wealth Congress in Leiden recently, led by Pa Joof. A really amazing experience, very inspiring!

Mette Noordhoek Hegt Owner I Move You Amsterdam The Netherlands


Pa is an inspiration and always shares his passion through the work he does I feel he is a true leader with an innate ability to connect with people, be it his students, colleagues or clients. He shows what it means to go for more then a 100% and be able to add as much value as possible in a very personal way.

Richard Zandbergen Managing Director, Uithandennemen.nl Rotterdam The Netherlands


Pa is a very inspiring man with a very high energy level. He can help you reach every goal you want to achieve with his words and energy. He unleashes the powers that are hidden inside you.

Carla Budjhawan Customer Support Professional Jacobs Engineering Amsterdam The Netherlands


I've worked with Pa at MIHN (Making It Happen Now) in 2011 and I have kept in touch with him ever since. It was a difficult period in my life and Pa played a big part in helping me to overcome the difficulties I was facing at the time. Pa never asked anything, he just showed his love and understanding, and made me feel very special. I will always love Pa.

Ozgur Gonul Marketing Consultant Datamatch Rotterdam The Netherlands


I am recommending Pa, because Pa is Pa. He is himself and does not pretend to be anything else. Kind hearted and very warm towards everyone he comes across. Really tries from his heart to help people achieve their dreams. He is also very honest and conducts himself with integrity. I will always remember the famous “Pa look” he gave during his speeches!

Johnnie Marie Urban Founder & CEO, Real Salon Biz Training & Coaching Califonia USA


I love working (playing) with Pa. He is indeed one of the most loving, inspiring, nurturing leaders I have the opportunity to work with. He is a man who is humble and dynamic and gets the job done

Alistair Lobo Business Coach Business Vision Mentoring London United Kingdom


Pa is highly intelligent, enthusiastic, inspirational and inspired in all that he does. He is a fabulous, confident and charismatic presenter and speaker. I loved working in the same team as him in several highly demanding environments. Pa is a great team player as well as an excellent leader. Whilst he understands and has achieved great personal success, he really...more

Ben Jansen Sr. Project Manager & Business Analyst Information Technology and Services Nijmegen Area The Netherlands


This guy’s NUTS and loads of fun! Thanks to Pa, I have the passion and the right mindset to follow my entrepreneurial ambitions and to successfully generate passive income.


The inspiration and energy you give people is awesome and timeless.
Pa, thanks again!

Petrova Lewis PG Marketing Professional Cass Business School London United Kingdom


I have had the pleasure of hiring Pa Joof and the ‘Making it Happen Now’ team to work with Carshalton College and The Hebe Foundation to bring about a radical change and positively impact some of the teenagers and young adults we worked with. Pa developed and delivered a truly inspiring, engaging, but most importantly, a life-changing programme that challenged and opened the minds our young adults. Positive feedback was received from many areas of the business at all levels regarding the noticeable improvements, focus and motivation of some of the students. Pa’s undeniable infectious, positive outlook is supported by fantastic results and I would happily champion his programmes and techniques at any future organisation that focuses on the development of young adults.

Pamela Gibbons, MBA Director of Marketing Compelling Projects LLC San Diego USA


Pa Joof is incredibly competent, direct, fun, and a great speaker. He is someone that would prove to be an asset to any team. Pa is a great people person who has the strength to voice an honest perspective with grace and insight. He's got amazing standards for himself and leans into anything he takes on with ownership.

Lorette Anders Adviseur Diversiteit De Nieuwe Vakbeweging The Netherlands


Pa Joof can inspire everyone and lead anyone to success.

Jack Austin Trainer / Life Member CEO Space USA


Pa has an outstanding attitude and is a true leader. His sense of humor and awareness of people's needs help get results others only dream about.

AJ Eenkhoorn Agile Coach ING Nederland Bank Rotterdam The Netherlands


Pa is one of the most inspiring persons I met. He treats everyone the same. It does not matter what the size of the group is, he is there for you... unconditionally.

Rob Hayward Associate Director, Kingsway Mortgages United Kingdom


I have known Pa for many years and cannot vouch for his work ethic, integrity and commitment more strongly. His has a great attitude towards his work and has proven to be a great trainer and coach. I would not hesitate to recommend Pa to any one I come in contact with.

Remco de Vries Trainer, Inspired Training BV Amsterdam The Netherlands


I know Pa to be a great leader and an inspiration to many. He is my mentor and coach in all area's of my life and I love working with him and learning from him. I am certain that together we will achieve great things. I encourage anyone and everyone to get to know this beautiful person!

Darren Arnell T-Mobile The Netherlands


I've had the privilege to witness one of Pa's coaching sessions, and what an eye-opener that was! He has an ability to inspire and teach you how to create personal wealth, not just financially, but also emotionally. Pa's ability to connect with people and empower them to achieve greatness is just exceptional. I would recommend Pa to anyone.

Chuck Hogan Market Manager, Architex International Dallas USA


Pa Joof is one of the finest leaders I know. With an uncanny way of creating a collaborative culture, Pa is able to get buy-in from all of his associates while remaining flexible and resourceful in pursuit of the greater outcome. A shining example of leadership, dedication, humor, and professionalism, any organization should count themselves very fortunate to have access to his gifts. I would highly recommend Pa to any organization looking to take their lives both professionally and personally to the next level.

Marcel Heijnes CCM Credit Manager The Netherlands


Pa Joof is a person who inspires. He has the ability to pinpoint and clarify what motivates and drives you. Above all, he is a warm and friendly presence that you can’t get enough of!


Lennert de Keizer Vastgoed - interimmanagement en advies BESCHIKBAAR The Netherlands


Pa Joof is een trainer die je uit je eigen stramien kan krijgen. Dat zorgt voor veranderingen! Pa als trainer helpt focus te krijgen op commercie en hoe zich dat verhoudt met jouw persoonlijkheid. Zeer inspirerend!

Sander de Bruijn Consultant Dental Marketing Services The Netherlands


Pa is an experienced trainer and motivator. He's always willing to help others reach their full potential!

Peter Sage Entrepreneur and business strategist United Arab Emirates

Pa is one of the most influential coporate executives and celebrity coaches I have ever had the privilege of working with. He has the innate ability to transform businesses, to form a strategy to maximize profits and reach company goals

Joe Williams Head trainer Tony Robbins Companies

He is one of the most gifted man I have ever worked with. His ability to transform peoples lives is unprecedented. If you have the opportunity to work with him, grab it!


Conray Labuschagne entrepreneur, international trainer South Africa

Pa exudes tremendous integrity and energy. People connect with his presence. I have seen this man transform thousands of people helping them to find their purpose and hapiness.

Marjean Holden Actress and Producer, Founder of Eleven Dragons Enterprises San Francisco, USA

"Pa is a dynamic speaker that helps re-ignite your fire for the things you love to do in your life! If you have the chance to be in his room...JUMP at it! I love working with this amazing human being! “

Sylvia Boekestein Founding Partner, Loods112 The Netherlands


Pa is a wonderful inspiring man who teaches every one the value of life in a way only he can do.

Marina de Haan Advisor & Consultant, Vitaal ZorgVast The Netherlands


Pa is one of the few people you meet in your life who's able to transform you and your future. He is not only an inspiring trainer but also a personal coach who mirrors you and knows how to get the best out of you. He is inspirational on stage and engages people in a heart-warming way to help them see their own limitations and disbeliefs.

He is able to be very assertive in an acceptable and caring way. His energy is amazing! You know you've changed my life Pa, and I will never forget that. Thanks so much and please don't stop helping people! I am sure we will meet again. It'll be my pleasure!

Christian Grancourt IT Project Manager Australia


Pa not only has one of the biggest hearts that you will find – he has the drive, passion and ability deliver fast results. He listens, understands and knows how to help others achieve their goals. I don't recommend very many people very often, but Pa is one person who I do not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

Haddy Folivi Managing Director, Clarity Media Communications United Kingdom


Pa is one of the most inspiring leaders I have worked with. He has a natural gift with people, and has a unique way of motivating people and bringing the best out of them. It is rare to meet someone who wants to see people succeed so bad, that they are willing to go over and above themselves in order to make it happen!

Gary Ailes Veterinary Specialist USA


Pa is an outstanding gentleman who can get to the bottom of problems quickly and create approaches that will take people and businesses to a higher level.

Heleen den Haan Owner, INSIGHTOUT The Netherlands


Without a doubt, Pa Joof is a unique motivational speaker and trainer on a very high level. He has excellent communication skills, the ability to connect with any audience of any size and endless stimulating energy to push people for growth. Without any judgement of who you are or want to become, he knows how to bring out the best in people.

His skill to 'read' his audience and pre-frame/frame/reframe any topic for any group, and his ability to look at things from different perspectives make him to stand out as a leader. He is a visionary with a passion for his work that rubs off on people he is working with. He knows how to inspire, stimulate, motivate and open up people. Because of this he helps people to get the results they need.

He has high standards for what he wants for his clients and the people he works with. His sense for business and people makes him one of a kind. I am very proud to have him as my mentor.

Tanya Thomas Owner, Premier Coaching Group USA


Pa is an amazing human being with exceptional skills in the personal development arena. He has an amazing ability to connect with people at all levels. He approaches each engagement with empathy and wisdom - a great combo for companies looking to move their organization to produce great results. I would hire him in a heartbeat!

Kacy Crystal-Spoerer Business Owner Germany


Pa Joof is, in my opinion, one of the most inspiring people I have met in the last years.

Pa Joof inspired us through telling his own story and of the lessons he learned from following the very same paths that he travelled. His genuine, open and heartfelt manner of dealing with each person as a cherished human being shows that such an attitude is not only possible but built-in in each one of us. He awakens and inspires the spirit that binds us all together, simply by being himself, with open heart and that incredible creative spirit of his. "Chief Inspiration Officer" is not just a title for him, it's part and parcel of who he IS.

Yvonne Gurney Verbal Copywriter® and Stage Charisma Coach United Kingdom


Pa Joof is one of the most inspiring and genuine individuals I have had the privilege to work with. His ability to read and respond to the needs of his audience, whether that be of one or hundreds, is intuitive, natural and comes from a place of true service. As an entrepreneur Pa is generous with his time and expertise ensuring that all who work with him are able to achieve goals that exceed even their own expectations. I highly recommend Pa as a mentor, trainer, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and benefactor.

Marcella Harting Royal Crown Diamond, Young Living Essential Oils and Health, Wellness and Fitness Consultant USA


Pa is one of the most inspiring, nurturing leaders I have had the opportunity to work with. He is a man that gets the job done. His sense of compassion and respect works wonders with working with so many people from all around the world. I am honored to be able to recommend Pa for whatever the challenge is to be taken.

Viktoria Farkas Recruitment Consultant, TOP Offshore BV Hungary


Pa is a great speaker, educator, motivator and inspirer. He can stand in front of a group of ten or hundreds, and you will always feel like he has a message for you personally that you can take on board to improve on various aspects in your life. His personal attention to everyone is just incredible. You cannot resist not finding him a great guy.

Dayanara Ilaria Owner of The Talent Source Marketing & Communication Specialist The Netherlands


Pa is an inspiring, motivating and heart-warming professional. He has the ability to connect in a way that is meaningful and true. Enormous amount of energy and always ready to give! It is always great to be around him!

David Taylor Head Coach, Success Now! Coaching United Kingdom


Pa is an outstanding and authentic individual. He has a range and depth of talents that are second to none. Pa has personally helped me grow through mentoring and coaching. He is one of the very few people I would trust to help me build my future. I also know from how he helps and advises others that his skills are broad, whether focusing on business, investing or real estate.

He is also an enthralling speaker who creates real change for his clients and audiences around the world.

Robert Witvliet Owner WIAR | Workplace Performance The Netherlands

Pa Joof is a brilliant trainer and inspirational speaker. He drives you to peak performance by helping you understand the power of the mind, finding your corporate story, and developing practical and powerful strategies to accelerate your business to unlimited success.

Don Clair, PhD Director, D. Gary Young Foundation USA


Pa is an excellent and detail-oriented professional. He has powerful relationship skills that make the profession of coaching appear simple. Each task I observed Pa working on he completed with grace and ease. A true professional in ever aspect of his business life.

An excellent man, delivers what he promises. I will highly recommend him if you are looking for a chief inspiration officer.


Pa is an amazing inspirational soul with a huge heart. He has a natural ability of connecting with people and is totally committed to helping people on their journey through life. Pa is always totally focused on other peoples’ outcomes and works with them to achieve them. His huge smile is infectious and his energy just radiates warmth and happiness. It is always a pleasure working with Pa as I know I will always learn and grow when I am in his presence. Thank You Pa for sharing your gifts.

Eva Vadenmark Owner, Växande Visioner | Human Resources Consultant Sweden


An excellent man, delivers what he promises. I will highly recommend him if you are looking for a chief inspiration officer.

Bryan Allen Smith Business Consultant Iceland


It is great to see Pa in action – he keeps your attention from the moment he walks in the room. Pa is an outstanding trainer and coach who helps people move forward with their life. I would recommend anyone to attend one of his events and to be prepared for a life-changing experience.

Claudio Belotti Executive Business Coach Italy


Pa not only has the tools and knowledge but also humor and experience.
He’s someone to go to if you really want results.

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Pa Joof