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Ignite Your Power

IGNITE YOUR POWER is a life-changing three-day experience that the groundwork for designing and living an extraordinary life, one full of promise, prospect and profit. Join me as I guide you in helping you understand your greatest powers and how to conquer life’s challenges. Gain freedom to earn more money, expand your business, engage in deeper relationships and enhance every aspect of your life..

IGNITE YOUR POWER gives you a lens through which you see and understand your true identity, with a clarity that shines like a sun coming out of the fog of your current day-to-day life. You’ll design a life that invites the unexpected, and welcomes changes and challenges as new avenues and opportunities. You will experience a profound shift in the way you look at business and life, igniting you to new heights that you never knew existed inside of you. I look forward to helping you to Ignite Your Power.

  • You will rediscover your core values and what makes you who you are
  • You will create your vision that directs your every thought, motive and action
  • You will break through your limiting beliefs that are stopping you from achieving greatness
  • You will discover the mental prowess that will allow you to cope with change, challenges and opportunities as they arise in your life
  • You will know how to use emotional intelligence to evaluate challenges from a fresh perspective
  • You will understand how your mind, body and soul act together in granting your every wish and desire in your business and life
  • You will break through your limiting beliefs that are stopping you from achieving greatness
  • You will free yourself of negative conditioning and stress to experience what true freedom feels like
  • You will develop an innate harmony with nature and the universe

Extreme Leadership

The Extreme Leadership program has been designed to help you develop a leadership style that’s aligned with your values and principles, by exploring your motivations, ethics and drives. Encouraged by a frank, confidential exchange with peers, you will learn how to become a more confident, trusted, and capable leader who can also develop authentic leadership in others. Pa’s Extreme Leadership program is a platform for leadership skills enhancement that is absolutely tailored to YOU, and that is flexible enough to augment YOUR specific leadership attributes.

At the Extreme Leadership program, Pa and his team of trainers and mentors will tune into your specific traits and enable you to develop the skills needed to take control of your life. You will harness the power and energy of your ‘known’ strengths, while tapping into dormant strengths. You will step out of an autopilot mode, and take charge by being more proactive, intuitive, and responsive.

You will learn how to:

  • Come out ahead in any personal or professional situation
  • Develop confidence in your abilities
  • Drastically improve team performance
  • Handle tough decisions intuitively
  • Express your hidden talents
  • Emanate energy and inspiration at all times
  • Turn fear into power
  • Expand your natural charisma and capacity for leadership.
  • Be the leader that people want to follow, not have to

Ultimate Business Accelerator

The Ultimate Business Accelerator is a four-day program unlike any other. Designed to develop business skills that tackle and overpower challenges in launching or running a successful venture—such as demotivation or unfavourable economic conditions—the Ultimate Business Accelerator Program is a cutting-edge business workshop that poises you for success.

Students benefit from heightened business acumen through greater flexibility, versatility and intuitiveness in decision-making, as well as a permanent shift in mindset that turns stress and worry into passion and enjoyment.

There’s simply no other course or resource that bolsters your entrepreneurial streak so comprehensively. After graduating from The Ultimate Business Acceleration program, you will know all the tricks in the trade to outdo, outperform, outmaneuver and most importantly, outcompete the competition. All while enjoying every second of the journey!

  • The seven steps of high impact marketing
  • The secret trick to start a business with no money
  • How to get star performers on board for free
  • How to be a star, not a statistic
  • Sidestep common pitfalls and save time and money
  • How to develop win-win situations
  • How to drive more traffic, and convert more of that traffic

Master Communicator

Masterful communication is pivotal in developing the power of persuasion. When you know how to communicate with confidence and sincerity, you will add to your credibility, be more approachable, and most importantly, be trusted.

Graduates from Pa’s Master Communicator program are able to deliver immaculate speeches and broaden their sphere of influence. You will be able to speak professionally, without being stiff, casually, without being too laid-back, and in a calm and composed manner.

Imagine what it would be like to have the words and the sheer presence to ‘own’ the room, and to differentiate yourself by harnessing your own personality to develop a unique and inimitable style that draws people back again and again. Whether you’re a student, an up-and-coming executive or a business owner, the Master Communicator program can help you forge better personal and professional relationships, allowing you to relate better with people, and voice yourself with eloquence and a subtle lightness of touch that people find endearing.

Program highlights:

  • Boost your income potential as a professional speaker
  • Instantly connect with any audience using a secret formula
  • Captivate audiences from start to finish
  • Control the energy of the room
  • Leave audiences enthralled and coming back for more
  • Tips on cadence, and use of passion and emotion in speech

The Master Communicator program will prove that you no longer need to retreat from your greatness, behind abstract, bland or cliché language — instead you can lead, teach and inspire. Becoming a Master Communicator could easily be the turning point in your life both personally and professionally.

Presentation Skills

In any corporate environment it’s imperative for professionals and executives to master presentation skills. No matter the substance of a presentation, if it’s not delivered succinctly, or if there’s any scope for ambiguities, the may escape the audience. Additionally, if the presenter comes off as stiff, aloof, insincere or unapproachable, the audience may subconsciously distance itself.

Pa’s corporate training workshop on presentation skills is designed to help individuals approach a presentation with a sense of excitement and anticipation, rather than dread and anxiety. Pa’s easygoing style, coupled with modern, proven techniques arm workforces with the skills and knowledge to present in a way that elicits the desired response. Whether presenting internally to team-members, supervisors or managers, or pitching to a potential client, Pa helps refine the presenter’s flow, cadence, tone and style for increased clarity and audience-engagement.

Building Championship Teams

Team-building has been an increasing focus for businesses across all industries. As technology dictates the workspace, team-members working on the same project may be doing so from opposite ends of the world. In this brave new world, coordination, synchronicity and timely correspondence are more important than ever before. That means, establishing protocols and procedures, and clearly communicating responsibilities and expectations take centre stage.

Whatever the size of the team, whatever its goals or scope of engagement, each member must be in synch with all other team members individually, and as a team. The team must come together as a ‘unit,’ – a cohesive force that combines the unique skills and expertise of each individual to present a targeted solution.

Pa helps businesses outshine competitors by helping them build championship teams that do more, do better and do faster. Businesses and organizations are equipped with advanced tools and concepts to:

  • Reduce friction
  • Enhance communication, and
  • Consolidate disparate skills, mindsets and levels of motivation into a single, functional unt

Executive and Management Coaching

Please find more information in ‘Coaching’ section or email [email protected] to find out more.

Customer Experience

Closely tied to the “Sales Explosion” program, this workshop shows businesses how to package and market their offers for maximum impact. “Packaging” in this context refers to how a product, service or solution is presented to the market. It includes branding and marketing efforts, which in turn encompasses the style and tone of the brand, its identity and the business’s promotional efforts.

One of the main differences between a successful business and a struggling business is the nature of the first impression. Businesses that are able to surprise and delight their customers on first contact are more likely to have repeat business from them. On the other hand, if a product or service is presented lackadaisically, that’s exactly how the market will react. The key is to create raving customers, not disenchant them and turn them away.

In the program, Pa borrows elements and ideas from consumer behavior, psychology and marketing. The result is a thoroughly engaging multidisciplinary workshop that teaches the marketing team how to present the product, and the sales team how to convert leads into customers. Businesses benefit from Pa’s unique perspective, and get access to tips, tools and secrets to understand the pulse of their market. As a result, marketers are able to develop offers that are attuned to the needs of the market, and create customers that keep coming back for more.


Effective leadership is a critical factor in optimising a team for peak performance. Whether it’s a small ad-hoc team of five, brought together for a temporary engagement, or a large, 20-strong team that handles an entire department, an effective leader can spell the difference between mediocrity and excellence.

Effective leaders are masters of communication. They are able to clearly convey goals and objectives, and ensure that each individual understands their unique role in the organization, and how it fits into the big picture. Along with communication, likeability, confidence and skills are also vital attributes.

A leader who is liked by his or her team is able to get the best out of each individual. Team-members relate better to someone they find approachable, and go to great lengths to please the authority figure. To garner faith and confidence, a leader must also have a highly-refined set of skills and expertise that individuals can rely on, in times of strife. These traits, when combined, form the hallmark of a truly effective leader – a friendly authority figure who knows how to manage people and get things done.

Pa’s experience as European Head of Banking with a Fortune 500 company allowed him to showcase and hone his leadership skills, while establishing a feedback system that demonstrated what works and what doesn’t. Over the years, Pa has coached hundreds of managers on the art of leadership. His workshops helped managers and executives boost productivity and optimize operations from the inside out.
Now it’s your turn!

Sales Training

A business must sell to survive. That much is evident. But exactly how to achieve the ever-elusive sales target is not. Founded on proven psychological drivers, Pa’s sales workshop empowers sales teams with brilliant insights and cutting-edge strategies to turn more leads into customers – more misses into hits.

No matter the industry, business model or pricing strategy, the “Sales Explosion” workshop gives businesses a front-row seat to one of the most inspired thinkers in modern business. Peppered with anecdotes, the workshop empowers sales forces by offering access to state-of-the-art tools and techniques, taken from psychological cues as well as concrete sales models.

Today, the hyper-competitive nature of the modern business climate means there are some entities that resort to false advertising and deception. As a business that values honesty and integrity, it’s becoming more and more difficult to compete with disingenuous entities that facilitate or even promote illicit practices, all for the sake of sales. Pa’s workshop is firmly rooted in an ethical credo – one in which principles such as transparency, forthrightness and honesty are valued above all else. As a result, businesses learn how to maximize sales with proven techniques, while staying within its moral bounds.

Inner Circle Mastermind

The Inner Circle Mastermind (ICM) is the crème de la crème of the Pa Joof brand. The program has been conceived and developed by Pa Joof from the ground up, and addresses a growing demand for a completely “hands on” mentorship style.

Consolidating the teachings and expertise of one of the world’s foremost success coaches and his mentors, it takes participants through an utterly immersive self-development and empowerment experience designed to change lives forever.

An extension of Pa’s teachings and philosophy, the Inner Circle Mastermind brings the best of Pa’s diverse experiences as a highly successful corporate professional and world-renowned motivational speaker and success coach. It’s a complete package that gives driven individuals a robust platform to push their boundaries and achieve their personal and business goals, while allowing direct access to Pa and his team of elite mentors and trainers. The program complements Pa’s teachings with context-specific technology solutions and state-of-the-art tools and resources.

Turbocharged Platform

Great things come from grand ideas. The Inner Circle Mastermind program offers a turbocharged,

fast-tracked empowerment platform that boosts performance and helps a select, exclusive group of committed individuals channel their drive and energy for optimal output. Whether it’s growing a business to its full potential or cultivating a mindset to give back and help others, the Inner Circle Mastermind completely reshapes lives and shows participants how to attain lifelong peace and prosperity.

Entrepreneurs with a killer instinct to top-performing executives to professionals at the top of their game – the Inner Circle Mastermind program equips highly-ambitious and driven individuals with the attitude and mindset to take control of every aspect of their life. Participants are able to design and lead a life on their own terms, to establish and nurture nourishing relationships, to master their emotional intelligence, and to take affirmative actions to achieve their financial and career goals.

Participation is by invitation only, meaning all students are handpicked by Pa based on their level of determination and dedication to see the program through to its end.


  • High-end exclusive program
  • One-on-one sessions with Pa and his team of mentors
  • Two VIP retreats to exclusive resorts
  • 12-month immersion program
  • Exclusive peer group support
  • Access to cutting-edge tools and resources
  • Limited to 20 students per year
  • Participation by invitation only


Pa Joof, best-selling author, success coach and business strategist, has joined a select group of business experts and entrepreneurs from around the world, along with best-selling author and business development expert Brian Tracy, to co-write the forthcoming book titled, Uncommon: Common Sense but Uncommon Knowledge from Today’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals to Help You Lead an Extraordinary Life of Health, Wealth and Success.

Pa Joof answered, “Today’s economy brings a great shift in power and is driven by entrepreneurs and small business owners. Modern day technology enables these mavericks to share their expertise, passion and and to reach, connect, interact and add value to millions of potential clients. Today’s success is achieved when small business owners differentiate themselves by their uniqueness and expertise; offering customisation and personalisation on a grand scale through technological optimisation.”

Rapid Business Growth System Audio Course

Learn the secret money making formula of the business elite turns your business into a well oiled cash generating machine


Accelerate and Drive – Business Training

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Pa Joof is one of the world’s most influential, beloved and sought-after coaches in business, career and in life.  His uncanny ability to read people and understand what makes them tick has led him to a revered position as a coach and mentor to an exclusive group of clientele who possess the potential and desire to be “Game Changers” in any domain of their lives.  Individuals who have the ability to impact not only themselves, but so many others on a larger scale.  Pa has coached CEO’s, Fortune 500 executives, celebrities, medical doctors, lawyers, millionaires, educators, housewives, students, business owners,  philanthropists, and Hedge Fund Managers managing over $50 Billion,  guiding them to peak performance and maximum potential on a personal and/or professional level.  Pa also has a passion for “coaching coaches” and consultants who want to take their practice to a higher level.

Clients are selected by invitation only or by referral and are leaders in their own rights and have a strong desire to be or stay top of their game.  What makes him a cut-above?  Diamond experts mold rough diamonds by cutting and polishing them to unleash their brilliance and fire.  As your coach, Pa helps you discover and maintain your own unique brilliance and flame that will ignite your passion. His proven track record of results makes him in demand, which is why he must limit the number of clients with whom he is able to work.

Pa lives his life based on one principle:  All In or All Out.  He proposed to his wife, Ancha, 12 days after meeting her and married her within 7 weeks.  Ancha is a highly acclaimed Medical Doctor and they are blessed with three young boys.

Pa’s spontaneity is what makes his style so alluring.  Rather than “sticking to a script,” he delivers engaging sessions that are refreshing, yet deliberate in terms of what it will take to initiate transformation.  He steps out of the regimented approach and tears down the rigid templates of individual and corporate environments, not by careful orchestration, but simply be being himself, by being sincere, humble, natural and direct.  He possesses an intrinsic ability to help individuals and organizations succeed beyond their expectations and start living what he calls their “Bigger Possibilities.”

How To Get Started

This type of coaching is not only about the financial commitment but also a significant investment of time, travel, and energetic commitment.  Given the opportunity to permanently enhance all areas of your personal and professional capacity and create a life of absolute freedom, it is well worth it for the right individual or organization. Pa only invites individuals or organizations who he believes possess the raw ingredients to succeed with his help.  If you qualify, he and his team will discuss the full investment and payment options with you.

Minimum Coaching Agreement:  120 hours (approximately one year), and an investment of £150,000 – £1,000,000, paid prior to the initial coaching session, and is non-refundable.  If you choose to quit for any reason, all compensation will go directly to the Making it Happen Now Foundation or to a charity of Pa’s choice.

Pa works with most clients from one to three years.  He has worked with several clients over five years, and two for nine years.  It is vitally important that there is a mutual fit so that you can fully benefit from Pa’s coaching and the unlimited support that will be provided to you by Pa and his team.

If you or your organization desire to become an effective, empowered, and successful leader and wish to expand your capacity, Pa invites you to schedule a conversation to establish if this is a mutual fit.

Please email:  [email protected] to book your no-strings-attached “Game Changer” conversation with Pa.