Pa Joof : Global Icon of Inspiration

An accomplished entrepreneur and multi-faceted business guru, Pa Joof is an agent of positive change and one of the world’s most beloved motivational speakers.

Pa is a multitalented and charismatic speaker, and his knowledge and intrinsic understanding of business strategy and psychological drivers form a robust framework for empowering individuals with the tools and the will to succeed. The cornerstone of Pa’s training is the conviction that success is a habit. Looking at success this way prepares the mind for success to come naturally – as naturally as anything else that comes from habit. This radical shift in perspective is at the heart of all of Pa’s teachings.

Pa’s extraordinary story spans two continents, born to illegal immigrants in the UK, Pa and his family went back to his native Gambia when he was just a child. Cramped in a single-bedroom lodging with 30 other family members for eight years, Pa knew that life would be difficult if he ever returned to the UK. But that’s exactly what he did. At 17, Pa came back, his younger brother in tow.

Determined to carve a better life for himself and his family, Pa tackled and overcame each obstacle with single-minded resolution. Failure, quite simply, was not an option. Having graduated from University, Pa rose through the ranks in the corporate world, eventually holding position as European Head of Banking for a Fortune 500 company. Overseeing sales and corporate training initiatives in several other blue-chip companies, Pa was responsible for over $1 billion in assets.

Over the course of his career, his innate ability to connect with people has allowed Pa to extend his influence as a world-class speaker, business trainer and coach, and take his message of inspiration far and wide.

Pa has touched the lives of over 200,000 individuals in over 200 cities across 25 countries, helping people channel the pure energy of a focused, uncluttered mind for business and personal success.

His influence has helped businesses outperform and outcompete, and generate business of several million pounds in less than six months. From Fortune 500 executives to celebrities and world-class speakers, Pa has coached and trained star performers on personal leadership and business growth, and helped clients grow business to over ½ billion in revenues.

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The Making it Happen Now Foundation

Pa is the founder of The Making it Happen Now Foundation (MiHN,) a social enterprise that supports inner-city communities and empowers young people to take control of their lives.

MiHN provides a platform that helps disadvantaged communities build a solid foundation for prosperity and self-sustenance. It gives meaning, hope and a sense of purpose, and arms young men and women with essential tools to navigate through life’s challenges. MiHN encourages young people to create and make the most of opportunities, and to make choices that positively impact their local community, with their own unique gifts and talents. MiHN’s projects are designed for effective, enduring change, and include undertakings such as support for schools, youth leadership programs, and partnering with organisations and causes that share similar values and visions.

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