Heleen den Haan Owner, INSIGHTOUT The Netherlands


Without a doubt, Pa Joof is a unique motivational speaker and trainer on a very high level. He has excellent communication skills, the ability to connect with any audience of any size and endless stimulating energy to push people for growth. Without any judgement of who you are or want to become, he knows how to bring out the best in people.

His skill to ‘read’ his audience and pre-frame/frame/reframe any topic for any group, and his ability to look at things from different perspectives make him to stand out as a leader. He is a visionary with a passion for his work that rubs off on people he is working with. He knows how to inspire, stimulate, motivate and open up people. Because of this he helps people to get the results they need.

He has high standards for what he wants for his clients and the people he works with. His sense for business and people makes him one of a kind. I am very proud to have him as my mentor.

Pa Joof