Extreme Leadership

Leader and his teamThe Extreme Leadership program has been designed to help you develop a leadership style that’s aligned with your values and principles, by exploring your motivations, ethics and drives. Encouraged by a frank, confidential exchange with peers, you will learn how to become a more confident, trusted, and capable leader who can also develop authentic leadership in others. Pa’s Extreme Leadership program is a platform for leadership skills enhancement that is absolutely tailored to YOU, and that is flexible enough to augment YOUR specific leadership attributes.

At the Extreme Leadership program, Pa and his team of trainers and mentors will tune into your specific traits and enable you to develop the skills needed to take control of your life. You will harness the power and energy of your ‘known’ strengths, while tapping into dormant strengths. You will step out of an autopilot mode, and take charge by being more proactive, intuitive, and responsive.

You will learn how to:

● Come out ahead in any personal or professional situation
● Develop confidence in your abilities
● Drastically improve team performance
● Handle tough decisions intuitively
● Express your hidden talents
● Emanate energy and inspiration at all times
● Turn fear into power
● Expand your natural charisma and capacity for leadership.
● Be the leader that people want to follow, not have to

Pa Joof