Zero to a Million

business financial success pa joofWe’ve all dreamed about it: spotting a huge opportunity, getting in on time, and making millions. But for most people, the dreams of riches are just that – dreams. Most dreams of making a quick million never materialize because virtually all get-rich-quick schemes are scams, and even for those that aren’t obvious scams, there’s a huge amount of luck involved. Rather than rely on chance, or risk losing money on questionable investment avenues, Pa’s message is one of patience and financial panache. It’s more about laying the groundwork and progressing toward the goal according to a well-defined roadmap, rather than a taking a whirlwind adventure where anything can happen or go wrong!

The “Zero to a Million” keynote speech is rooted in smart, practical business decision-making. Pa foregoes hype and fluff in favor of time-tested strategies and real-world examples to drive home abusiness decision making pa joof sound financial message. Pa enlightens participants on money and the myths surrounding wealth accumulation, with anecdotes highlighting key skills, competencies and the attitudes and perceptions that need to be fostered.

From professionals and entrepreneurs looking for a little inspiration to businesses that want to outgrow its limitations, Pa’s financial wisdom and experience as a top executive with leading corporate entities make him one of the most credible and authoritative sources on wealth generation.

Pa’s business acumen comes from experience and instinct. As a top executive with a leading corporation, he was responsible for over $1 billion of the company’s assets. And as a financial consultant, he transformed businesses in nine different countries and helped achieve revenues of over $1 million in less than six months. Simply put, no other success coach or business strategist brings more to the table!


Achieve your dreams of prosperity and financial independence with smart, proven money-management techniques. Learn how to prioritize and make better financial decisions for your business, with insight, instinct and intuition.

Pa Joof