Speak with Impact

how to be an effective speaker pa joofThroughout history, the greatest leaders have always been exceptional orators. A speaker who knows how to captivate an audience, how to engage, inform and enthrall, will automatically get the point across. And an audience in the presence of a great speaker is comforted, and feels a sense of reassurance about the speaker’s wisdom and leadership qualities.

Businesses and organizations realize that the ability to move an audience with the spoken word is an essential trait that must be cultivated. The same message delivered to the same audience in different styles may result in vastly different responses. A speaker who isn’t able to connect with the audience, or who appears distant or lacking in confidence will never be as effective as one who appears genuine, sincere and confident.

Pa’s “Speak with Impact” keynote speech allows a business to empower its team with managers and leaders who learn communication pa joofcan communicate with clarity and confidence. Pa’s lessons have less to do with ‘overcoming shyness,’ ‘masking nervousness,’ or ‘faking sincerity,’ and more to do with developing an attitude that naturally leads to impactful presentations and speeches. It is a common misconception that only outgoing and extroverted people make good speakers. With Pa’s expert assistance, businesses may find their best speakers in shy, unassuming team-members.

In developing speaking and presentation skills, changing the mindset, rather than taking shortcuts to ‘ace’ a single presentation, allows for a more fluid and natural transition. Students learn first-hand how they can tune into their natural style, tone and cadence, and ‘refine’ these traits for maximum impact. This approach develops the student’s speaking and presentation skills permanently, and also makes the engagement more enjoyable for both presenter and audience.


Captivate and enthrall roomfuls of audiences, engage business partners in presentations, be the life of the party, or the storyteller everyone flocks to. Learn how to speak with maximum impact, how to move people to action, and how to inspire and encourage with the very words you use, and with your natural charisma and charm.

Pa Joof