Leading and Living a Legacy

footprints_in_sand pa joofThere’s only one you. Of the billions of people who’ve come and gone, of the billions yet to make their mark, there never was, and never will be, another you. And that’s something worth celebrating.

All too often, the constant stresses of ‘too little time,’ ‘too much to do,’ or ‘just a little more,’ make us lose touch with our inner self. The daily grind, the ‘what ifs’ and ‘should haves’ consume us, as we struggle to barely keep our heads above water. What Pa tells us is that it’s all perceived. The tension, the stresses, the scarcity, the anxieties – it’s all in the mind. And as long as we keep allowing these perceptions to stand in the way of our growth, they will.

The key to living and leaving a legacy is finding out who you are, and what you were always meant to do. It can be boiled down to one thing: knowing yourself. Not just on the surface, but on a more fundamental level. And that has nothing to do with your name, race, religion, social standing or profession. These are just labels used to differentiate and group people.

Pa’s “Living and Leaving Legacy” is a keynote speech that has introduced thousands of mesmerized audiencesLeading and living a legacy keynote the world over to a whole new way of looking at life. From pin-pointing your life’s purpose to reshaping your attitude toward work, family, relationships, money and spirituality,Pa shows you how easy it is to fill your life with the things that make it work living.

As a student, you willl learn how to look into your deepest self, your core, your very essence, by removing veneers and taking an objective, unbiased, unfiltered look. Armed with such unprecedented insight into your very being, you will be able to experience your existence with clarity. And when that happens, the rest follows naturally.

You intuitively know what you’re meant to do, and all your actions become one giant effort to live and leave your legacy.


Learn how to leave an indelible mark and get in touch with the unique brand that’s utterly YOU. Learn how to live life according to your terms, while spreading joy and positivity to those around you. Take an unbiased, unfiltered and objective look of yourself to discover your passion and ignite your purpose.

Pa Joof