Inner Circle Mastermind

time to make it happenThe Inner Circle Mastermind (ICM) is the crème de la crème of the Pa Joof brand. The program has been conceived and developed by Pa Joof from the ground up, and addresses a growing demand for a completely “hands on” mentorship style.

Consolidating the teachings and expertise of one of the world’s foremost success coaches and his mentors, it takes participants through an utterly immersive self-development and empowerment experience designed to change lives forever.

An extension of Pa’s teachings and philosophy, the Inner Circle Mastermind brings the best of Pa’s diverse experiences as a highly successful corporate professional and world-renowned motivational speaker and success coach. It’s a complete package that gives driven individuals a robust platform to push their boundaries and achieve their personal and business goals, while allowing direct access to Pa and his team of elite mentors and trainers. The program complements Pa’s teachings with context-specific technology solutions and state-of-the-art tools and resources.

break barriers

Turbocharged Platform

Great things come from grand ideas. The Inner Circle Mastermind program offers a turbocharged,

fast-tracked empowerment platform that boosts performance and helps a select, exclusive group of committed individuals channel their drive and energy for optimal output. Whether it’s growing a business to its full potential or cultivating a mindset to give back and help others, the Inner Circle Mastermind completely reshapes lives and shows participants how to attain lifelong peace and prosperity.

Entrepreneurs with a killer instinct to top-performing executives to professionals at the top of their game – the Inner Circle Mastermind program equips highly-ambitious and driven individuals with the attitude and mindset to take control of every aspect of their life. Participants are able to design and lead a life on their own terms, to establish and nurture nourishing relationships, to master their emotional intelligence, and to take affirmative actions to achieve their financial and career goals.

Participation is by invitation only, meaning all students are handpicked by Pa based on their level of determination and dedication to see the program through to its end.


  • High-end exclusive mentoring program
  • Mentoring session with Pa and his team of mentors
  • VIP retreats to exclusive destinations
  • 12-month immersion program
  • Exclusive peer group support
  • Access to cutting-edge tools and resources
  • Limited to 20 students per year
  • Participation by invitation only
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