Leadership in Business1Effective leadership is a critical factor in optimizing a team for peak performance. Whether it’s a small ad-hoc team of five, brought together for a temporary engagement, or a large, 20-strong team that handles an entire department, an effective leader can spell the difference between mediocrity and excellence.

Effective leaders are masters of communication. They are able to clearly convey goals and objectives, and ensure that each individual understands their unique role in the organization, and how it fits into the big picture. Along with communication, likeability, confidence and skills are also vital attributes.

A leader who is liked by his or her team is able to get the best out of each individual. Team-members relate better to someone they find approachable, and go to great lengths to please the authority figure. To garner faith and confidence, a leader must also have a highly-refined set of skills and expertise that individuals can rely on, in times of strife. These traits, when combined, form the hallmark of a truly effective leader – a friendly authority figure who knows how to manage people and get things done.

Pa’s experience as European Head of Banking with a Fortune 500 company allowed him to showcase and hone his leadership skills, while establishing a feedback system that demonstrated what works and what doesn’t. Over the years, Pa has coached hundreds of managers on the art of leadership. His workshops helped managers and executives boost productivity and optimize operations from the inside out.

Now it’s your turn!

Pa Joof